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In modern businesses, every business requires an effective supply chain management system in one place for a good number of reasons. For one, the software assists to make sure that there remains a continuous flow of stock into the business without zero delay and interruptions in the deliveries. This means that there needs to be a system to ensure that the production processes never stop, which may affect customer service.

The software is also fundamental for good and healthy relations with your business’s suppliers. Good faith in the supply chain goes a long way as you never know when you might need somebody for quick deliveries, so they offer you the best service that they can.

Your company may also require the software to ensure that the costs are simply cut down over the procurement process and that the best supply chain management software is chosen. This is one of the most recalled and essential principles of procurement and supply chain management, you can conveniently obtain the highest quality of stock available at the lowest possible prices.

Supply Chain Management Software (SCM)?

Supply Chain Management is a set of multiple activities and decisions, utilized to effectively integrate the suppliers, transporters, manufacturers, retailers , warehouses, and customers so that the right product or service is distributed in the right quantities to the right place at the right time. To minimize the system-wide costs while satisfying customer service level requirements too.

Supply Chain Management software applications always provide real-time analytics systems that manage the basic flow of the product as well as the information throughout the network of the supply chain. They are typically designed to upgrade the SCM operations such as handling all the supplier sourcing, inventory planning, production planning, transportation planning, demand planning, and so on, and make the usual work convenient for the managers.

Supply chain management relies upon business strategy, specialized software, and collaboration to work. Because it is quite expensive, from the suppliers to manufacturers and beyond to enhance efficiencies, adapt to change, and manage risk.

What is a Supply Chain Management Software?

Supply Chain Management software is also called SCM software, a tool used to engage and manage all the operations across the supply chain. It is used across supply chain operations for quality management, vendor management, and logistics and distribution. The software gives you better visibility and control over your increasingly complex supply chain, enhancing productivity and better dealing with disruption.

Supply chain management can be enhanced with low-code process applications that integrate multiple existing systems with a layer of operational agility on top of their usual ERP and related technologies.

Top 7 Supply Chain Management Software


SAP supply chain

SAP Supply Chain Management harnesses new technologies such as AI and the Internet of Things to enhance the full visibility and advanced analytics to assist the users in sourcing, planning, and delivering the right goods and materials at the right time.

SAP SCM is one of the top supply chain management solutions that allow you to design recyclable products and other services, and also deliver them through multiple sustainable practices. A lot of big companies like Microsoft, and Unilever are among their top customers and have reduced their paperwork by almost 75%.

Key Features

  • Supplier and partner collaboration
  • Sales and operations planning (S and OP)
  • Predictive analysis, machine learning, and AI
  • Transport management
  • Dashboards and status monitoring
  • Project portfolio management
  • Production management and optimization
  • Product quality compliance
  • Transport management
  • Integrated business planning
  • Warehouse and yard management


Interestingly, SAP SCM never reveals the pricing for its supply chain management software. You can check their Try and Buy page for the SAP product demos and free trials as well for Innovation management, enterprise product development, and other tools.

2. Oracle SCM

oracle scm

Oracle uses a cloud-based application for successful sales as well as improved resilience, even with ever-changing customer demands like no other. The software helps to protect from deviations, re-plans the projects in real-time, and also analyzes the suitable alternatives to take action.

With the IoT and blockchain features, the Oracle SCM automates and optimizes the business supply chain for effective maintenance and management. The advanced analytics products that use AI and ML to make smarter predictions for foolproof planning and decision making.

Key Features

  • Demand management
  • Supply and sales operations planning
  • Warehouse management
  • Operations management
  • Global trade management
  • Track and trace
  • Oracle Autonomous Warehouse
  • Service logistics management
  • Smart machine integration
  • Omni channel order management
  • Channel revenue management
  • Pricing management


The Oracle SCM is available on a subscription basis, but the price is not mentioned upfront. The basic starts from $300/month for subscription plans. You can check their tour videos for more insights.

3. Infor SCM

infor scm

Infor is here to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions by bringing top supply chain planning, real-time visibility, and finance options. The supply chain orchestration encourages data-based decisions , which, in turn, results in enhancing customer service. The software allows companies to reduce wastage costs and warehouse operational expenses by 40%.

Due to its cloud-based solutions, the software is ever-evolving, negating the need for timely updates. Along with the control and visibility, users can conveniently build better buyer-supplier relationships through payment certainty, invoice automation, cash flow visibility, and a lot more.

Key Features

  • Supply chain visibility and control
  • Multi-party business networking
  • Real-time demand and supply tracker
  • Intelligent decision support
  • 3D Visualization
  • Voice-enablement
  • Supplier compliance
  • Liquidity optimization
  • Process automation
  • Freight tracking
  • Multi-mode shipping
  • 3PL billing
  • Payment digitization
  • ERP, CRM, LIMS integrations


To get the pricing for Infor SCM, you can simply fill up the contact us on the official website to understand the product as well as their respective prices too. The brand offers free trial of 14 days as well.

4. Blue Yonder (JDA)


Formerly known as the JDA SCM, the Blue Yonder offers its leading customer-driver supply chain solution LuminateTM planning for the scaling businesses. It allows users to easily predict and plan demand, products, funds, and everything in between for better control and visibility.

Blue Yonder offers boundary-less planning with cognitive planning for better prescriptions and predictions. In return, it allows businesses to prevail over the differences between timings, supply, and demand, organization silos, as well as the volatile supply chain as well.

Key Features

  • Sales and operations execution
  • Cognitive supply planning
  • Automate common resolutions
  • Inventory optimization
  • Dynamic KPI reporting
  • Changeover reduction
  • End-to-end network design and modeling
  • Workflow-driven Luminate user experience
  • Multi-echelon optimization
  • Smooth adaptation to demand and supply chain


Blue Yonder, unlike other SCM plans, does not come with upfront pricing plans to its customers. You must drop your contact details on their website to get in touch and get customized pricing according to your business.

5. Logility


Logility is another one of the top SCM software that delivers a sustainable supply chain for enhanced business functionality and profitability like no other. It comes with plenty of AI-based tools that collaborate analytics from multiple aspects to meet business needs and effectively plan for potential and existing clients.

The SPO solution allows the companies to optimize raw materials, leverage automation, evaluate SCM sourcing, and so on. The solutions include supply planning and optimization (SP and O), sourcing management, supplier management, manufacturing planning , retailer management, and so on. The solutions adapt to various industries, making the software suitable for any type of business and size.

Key Features

  • Supply planning and optimization
  • Replenishment strategies automation
  • Inventory optimization
  • Leverage order policies
  • Production planning and optimization
  • Increased ROI
  • Forecast consumption management
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Cost management
  • User-friendly vendor management
  • On-site quality management
  • Cloud-based accuracy and transparency
  • Multi-lingual and offline support
  • Inline inspections and audit controls


For Logility, you will need to contact the company for the subscription prices. Small and medium-sized businesses can check the free trial period before purchasing the SCM tools.

6. Descartes SCM


Descartes SCM helps to enhance productivity and functionality with features such as B2B connectivity, global trade intelligence, customs compliance, and so on. It effectively uses artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence to transform your business into its own smarter and digitized version.

The software offers wireless and modular logistics that streamline the business processes across various mediums, with the help of advanced global intelligence, brands can conveniently get the inventory and assets whenever needed.

Key Features

  • Logistics messaging
  • Commercial and B2B messaging
  • Customs messaging
  • Security filings
  • Industry programs
  • Data Analytics
  • Shipment portal
  • Duty and tariff data
  • Dock scheduling and yard management
  • Product classification
  • Trade research
  • Proof-of-Delivery (POD)
  • Warehousing and PO management
  • Lead generation
  • E-commerce connectivity

7. Perfect Commerce

Perfect Commerce is a supply chain management software that offers you a variety of solutions to allow you to maximize ROI and a simple source-to-pay solution as well. The software offers you an excellent platform for saving up strategic resources on tactical categories and enables you the control tail spend.

Perfect Commerce comes with a boutique approach that allows you to serve more than 300 customers globally in over 80+ countries. The approach will enable you to still engage your customers by offering them attention and personal care like no other.

Key Features

  • Implementation services
  • Group purchasing
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Catalog sourcing
  • Auctions as a service
  • Tail spend management


Perfect Commerce offers a free trial and a pricing system is subscription-based and you can entirely contact them to get pricing.

Wrapping it up

Supply chain planning and management is an add-up that can either simply make or break your business. If it’s left with negligence, your company will not be ready to face the obstacles of a volatile market, discrepancies, and might result in delays and losses for the company.

Supply chain management software helps your company with inventory management, decreasing order fulfillment costs, reducing lag time, and getting the job done in the right place and at the right time.

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