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Working as a manager is no easy feat. When it comes to restaurants, in particular, the role has its own challenges to overcome. Juggling between employee happiness to customer satisfaction, and at the same ensure that the business is profitable can be taxing, and overwhelming and can ultimately lead to burnout. 

But it doesn’t have to be like this, and automation is the answer to this!

We are living in an almost post-pandemic world, and a lot of businesses have realized that automation can be a game-changer. For example, automating employee scheduling puts more time on your plate (pun intended) as it directly tracks their clock-in and clock-out time and creates timesheets for you. 

As a business manager, you need to focus on what really matters the most, which is running a profitable restaurant. Because without profits the restaurant will cease to exist. Focussing on mundane and recurring tasks that can easily be automated can derail your business goals. 

Time is limited, and so are the resources. Here are some excellent ways to manage your restaurant effectively in the upcoming years.

Create schedules, and to-do lists, and get organized  

There are a bazillion things to do when it comes to managing a restaurant, but it’s equally necessary to set aside some time and map out the days and weeks in advance. That way you can rank the tasks according to their importance and ensure that your schedules are coordinated. As good advice, make a daily to-do list , check it every day, allocate tasks, and see how your efficiency spikes up. 

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Upskill the team with courses, workshops, and more

Sure, training the staff when they join the restaurant is a piece of great advice, but a lot of restaurant managers miss out on upskilling their staff after they have been onboarded. 

Training should never stop. As a restaurant manager, you need to give your team the opportunity to learn and grow so that they don’t feel stagnant in their jobs. Moreover, upskilling them will help you run the business smoothly, boost employee retention and minimize the need to consistently hire new employees, and train them from scratch. 

Invest in a restaurant employee scheduling application. 

Investing in a restaurant employee scheduling app can enhance employee management, save time, improve profits, enhance employee satisfaction, and prove to be beneficial to the overall business functioning. 

In simple terms, employee scheduling software helps streamline and simplify employee schedule creation. With it, you can track time accurately, communicate seamlessly, and ensure overall transparency across the board. These kinds of software solutions are either cloud-based or operate locally, and good software solutions also provide free mobile apps available for both managers as well as employees. 

Using free solutions like excel sheets can rob off time, but using special software can not only save time but also bring about a standard of time tracking and scheduling. Managers can easily create, edit, publish, and share employee schedules online. 

Another great reason to invest in an employee scheduling app is timesheets which have accurate data about clock-in and clock-out hours. These timesheets can directly be sent or exported to the person who handles payroll or any software used for payroll. As a manager, you get a proper dashboard and detailed reports too. 

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Think about how to improve customer satisfaction 

Happy customers are the bread and butter of your business. For that reason, each decision made by you should be geared towards maximum customer satisfaction. Understanding human psychology and soft skills immensely aid in achieving that. Moreover, delivering a positive experience is not the end-all and be-all, and there’s a lot more that matters beyond food. Look at this checklist, for example:

  • Is your staff cordial, helpful, and knowledgeable?
  • Are the food rates as per proper standards? 
  • How clean and hygienic your restaurant is?
  • Is the ambiance pleasant for everyone? 
  • How fast is your service, are there too many delays?

Nevertheless, even though we’re all acquainted with the catchphrase that the customer is always right,  there could be instances when you have to take your staff’s side and guard them against unfortunate situations like verbal abuse. As a manager, you need to let your staff understand that you have their back. Sacrificing staff’s well-being only s to get a favorable review is never good for the long term. 

If your business has a good online presence then keep an eye on platforms popular for online reviews like Google My Business, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and many other platforms or websites that customers visit to review restaurants. No matter the review, positive or negative, make to reply to them with utmost politeness. Regain their trust and solve their issues so that you don’t 

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