Stock trading is a side hustle for many and full-time for others. Either way, it benefits a lot to learn the tricks of the trade early, and college students should focus greatly on that.

There is no better time to start investing than while in college. That means you don’t have to wait until you are older to begin buying stocks. You can start with the little you have and grow a strong portfolio. 

Stocks are highly liquid investments which means you have to be extra careful with your choices. Do not make hasty decisions and put all your money in stocks. There are do’s and don’ts that you must observe for success. Follow these steps to start investing in stocks while in college. 

Do not delay any longer

Many students fail to achieve their investment goals because they delay too much. They wait until they realize they have depleted their savings. Investment is like a journey that starts with one step. You eventually progress daily to hundreds of miles and then to thousands. When you begin investing in stocks, you need to study investing for beginner’s information. 

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Avoid what you cannot afford

Many experts have written content on investing for beginners. They advise beginners to invest what they can afford. This advice applies to you and every other student. Do not borrow money for purchases. Develop a savings strategy and a budget for investments. 

Decide if you want long-term or short-term

Long-term investments can be tagged to several years or decades. Short-term is tagged mostly to a period below one year. When you engage in stocks purchase for the short term, there are things to consider. You buy when the price is low and wait for it to rise. 

Choose your market

There are major stock markets that you can choose to invest in. You may decide to invest in the US, Canadian, UK, China, or Indian markets. Each market has its rules that you must follow if you want to excel. Let’s say you want to make a purchase in the Canadian market. 

If you are studying pharmacology, you may decide to invest in the pharmaceutical market. Canada has a strong pharmaceutical sector compared to many parts of the world. Some pharmaceutical stocks in Canada have a market capitalization that exceeds $10 million to $500 million. 

Now let’s do an analysis of the dos and don’ts of investing for beginners.



Buying a single stock will give an advantage in terms of quantity. However, you will not be privileged if the stock price crumbles. Whether you are investing for the short-term or long-term, diversify your holdings.

Have information at your fingertips

Information is power, and without it, you cannot know if you are losing or gaining. Educate yourself on stocks purchased by reading information online. Watch the news and take a keen interest in new developments in the market. 

Design your goals

Do not rush to purchase without first setting goals . Know what you want to achieve through stock purchase. You might want to raise money for a startup after graduation. 

Keep investing

Do not invest once and put a full stop but make it your habit to buy stocks. Every time you save some money, set aside part of it and buy stock. If you are studying pharmacology, do not limit yourself to health sector stocks. Buy from the manufacturing sector , trade , mining, and agricultural sectors too. 


Do not be driven by emotions

It is possible to buy stocks out of excitement, especially when you hear success stories. Some people invest and make millions in the long term. This is their story, but your story can be different. Follow your concrete judgment and not emotions. 

The majority is not always right

Even if you see that 90% of stock investors are leaning toward a certain stock, it doesn’t mean they are right. They might all be wrong, and your idea is right. Follow your heart and decisions but ignore multitudes. 

Avoid too many expectations

It is good to have hope and expect a positive return from your stocks. However, it is not healthy to put all your trust in stocks. If something goes wrong, you can easily enter into depression. Have hope but also have reservations about everything. 

Don’t invest what you cannot afford to lose

It is okay to take risks while investing in stocks. However, don’t take the risk overboard and invest in what you cannot afford to lose. It is possible to record losses or profits, but losses are painful. 


There is no perfect time to start purchasing stocks when in college. The best way is to make your decision and begin your investment journey today. Read information about investing for beginners to equip yourself with knowledge. Decide your goals and the stock you intend to buy. Start but keep buying little by little until you build a strong portfolio. Remember the dos and don’ts of investing in stocks and observe them. 

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