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When looking for the ETC mining pool, you will definitely face a lot of various options that would attract you with a huge number of features. However, choosing the best ETC mining pool is always a challenge, that will take a lot of time. And Hiveon might become the best option for you, providing you with a lot of great features to mine Ethereum Classic. 

Interested in it? So let’s dive deeper into the question and see why Hiveon is one of the best options in the current mining pool market.  

Pool Hash Rate 

The hash rate is essential for mining. When we are talking about it, we want to make sure that the difficulty of the chosen token would be beaten by the hash rate of the ETC pool.  

For example, the difficulty of ETC is varying, but usually requires about 15 TH/s to make the mining procedure successful. And Hiveon gives you a 17 TH/s pool hash rate that will make the mining more successful. With such a hash rate, you will work faster, and your reward will be received as soon as the block will be mined.  

However, the hash rate is always great, but what about ping? 


Ping is essential. In fact, it leads your overall mining to success. And it is really essential. When you have a stable ping, you get more income. To explain the importance of it, we are going to use a simple example.  

One pool ETC might have a 50 ms ping that is good for mining, while the other one grants yo 100 ms, which is twice as long. For this reason, sharing all the data inside the pool will take more time due to the fact your packs have to be either accepted or rejected. But don’t go looking for the servers with the lowest ping possible.  

If the ping is not stable, it does not matter how low it is. It might ruin the process. And Hiveon realizes the importance of ping and provides you with stable 50 ms ping to make your mining experience great.  

Mining equipment is expensive, especially when you want to make it work properly. And wearing it off is common. So having a nice ping would make your mining more successful, because it would make the processes faster. Make your resources earn more money! 

Minimum Payoff 

The payoff is always a pain. Many people want to make sure that their mining will give them results as soon as possible. And there are several types of payoffs provided by different Ethereum Classic pools: 

  • Payoff depends on the Bitcoin rate. This way, the minimum payoff will be granted only after you have earned a certain amount of money in BTC. It is common for services focused on Bitcoin mining .  
  • Payoff depends on the time of getting the block. This way, you are not getting a payoff until the block is mined, which might be even more inconvenient for other people.  
  • Stable payoffs without any issues. This is how Hiveon works.  

The minimum payout is calculated depending on your hash rate. This way, you will get $0.29 for every 100 MH/s you give to the pool. For this reason, the more you give, the more you get. The payout is daily, so you don’t have to wait for a long time before you get the deserved payment. 

Pool Pays All Rewards 

The rewards question is always important for people. It is because they want to know that their effort will bring them a good income. And here we have to talk more about the methods of payment, and the other systems commonly use.  

There are 3 major types that are available for modern users: 

  • PPS. This way, users get their income daily for the packs they send to the server. However, regular PPS does not give you an opportunity to receive the reward of the mined block. This method is pretty rare.  
  • PPLNS. This method means that you will receive your money only after mining the block. It is a popular method for many platforms. This way, you will not receive your daily income, but you will get part of the mined block. 
  • PPS+. This method might look similar to regular PPS. On one hand, you are still getting your daily profit based on your hash rate. However, after receiving the block, you will get part of it. It might be a percent of a whole block or a share calculated by the operator of the pool.  

Hiveon uses PPS+ because it is the best for customers now. This is the best way for clients to receive their income. First of all, using this method, the members of the Ethereum Classic mining pool are receiving a stable income. For this reason, even if the overall block mining fails, a user will leave with some good income. All the risks are taken by Hiveon.  

Secondly, you still have an option to receive a precious reward. When the block is mined, you can get a part of it that would be essential for your further mining. Such a payout system is one of the most convenient on the market.  

Why Hiveon Is The Best Option For You? 

Hiveon is a great platform that is focused on mining Ethereum Classic. This is a great option due to the fact you can simply find a huge ETC mining pool of people who are focused on mining the cryptocurrency you want.  

This service takes care of your equipment and time, so you will not only be provided with only high-level services including a high hash rate and low ping, but would receive a daily payment for all your investments.  

And don’t forget about Hive OS that makes mining not only easier for people but gives an opportunity to significantly decrease the potential time and money costs you might face while working with other services.  

Hiveon remains the best option for both novice and experienced users who want to be involved in mining ETC, combining in pools. 

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