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Outsourcing IT is essentially hiring an external technology expert, specialist, or managed service provider (MSP) to handle all IT-related tasks of the business. The professional ideally manages all technology systems the business uses to run.

Outsourcing has become extremely popular today, and it’s super beneficial for both startups and big companies. Not only does it enable you to reduce costs, but it helps your firm gain a competitive advantage over others. Thus, if you’ve been handling technology independently, it would be best to try bringing external experts to your firm. 

There are 7 challenges to look out for with MSP providers that you’d want to consider familiarizing yourself with before bringing the experts. Despite such challenges, however, outsourcing has several benefits for any business.

Here’s how outsourcing IT impacts business productivity and profitability:

1. Boosts The Morale Of Workers

There’s nothing as demoralizing as working with slow and inefficient machines. It can adversely impact productivity and cause your business to operate at a loss. If each worker loses around 20 minutes daily due to slow processes, that can be an entire workday by the time the month ends. And, if you multiply that by the number of employees in your organization, you’ll realize that you’ve lost many workdays.

Hence, you’d want to hire an expert to ensure that all your technology systems are working efficiently as they should be to boost the morale of the workers. 

Other tasks that the IT specialist can handle include:

  • Technical support
  • Training for the new machine or software users
  • Guiding the workers on how to use an automated machine if they’re used to using a manual system
  • Offering remote-IT services and support
  • Tuning up and maintaining devices

The roles that the IT pro performs are super crucial. Thus, it would be best if you didn’t underrate their importance since they can help boost your company’s productivity.

2. Improves Work Efficiency At Reduced Costs

Outsourcing an IT specialist can help your company achieve many things at a minimal cost. You only have to agree with the expert on how much you’ll pay them for the services they’ll offer your company for the stipulated time.

Additionally, outsourcing IT helps you shift your focus and invest in other sectors that need special attention. Ideally, outsourcing is like turning fixed costs into variable costs since you only pay for the time and resources you use.

This is different from having a permanent worker, who is entitled to a fixed salary and benefits—whether they’re currently working on a project or not. Also, you have to spend resources on training, equipping, and insuring your in-house employees. Hence, outsourcing is better and more efficient if you want to save on operational expenses.

3. Allows You To Stay Focused On Your Business

Having a professional IT expert helps take all tech-related matters off your shoulders. Thus, you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of the business and strive to give your team members a better experience in the organization.

It’ll be easy to stay determined because you know that as long as the IT sector has been taken care of, chances are high that the other department will streamline. 

In contrast, if you insist to handle IT matters yourself, you could be overwhelmed by its demands and lose focus and motivation. Ultimately, that may cause your business to stagnate, thus translating to reduced productivity and revenue.

4. Lowers Risk Of Data Breach

In the digital world, your business faces a lot of risks each day. This includes:

  • Viruses
  • Ransomware
  • Data breach
  • Compromised passwords or logins
  • Malware

Thus, you’d want to invest in an IT expert who can help keep your data and devices secure from malicious hackers and cybercriminals. An outsourced IT expert can help you in the following:

  • Threat intelligence
  • Managing your antivirus
  • Giving email security
  • Handling security patches and updates

When a specialist handles all security matters, you’ll operate your business more confidently with the assurance that your data and information are safe.

5. Enhances The Flexibility Of Your Firm

With the many uncertainties in life, many things can expose your business to danger. Aside from cybersecurity threats, your business can be at risk due to:

  • Pandemic
  • Natural disasters
  • Economic recession

All these factors increase the risk of your business getting shut down. On many occasions, it may be difficult to recover and continue with your operations if you hadn’t prepared yourself for such unforeseen circumstances.

You can, however, protect yourself from such a situation by hiring an IT specialist. Technology can also be used for business continuity strategies that’ll play a key role in preparing you for anything.

For instance, your IT team can set up a cloud-based phone system that enables your team to shift to remote working. Hence, you don’t have to be in a brick-and-mortar office for your business operations to run. In case any risk occurs, your employees can work from wherever they are.

6. Minimizes Downtime

One of the biggest technology-related problems that organizations face is downtime. This is when organizational systems or machines have stopped working or are unavailable for use. One primary reason that causes downtime is when you’re not maintaining your technology proactively.

This might cause your software to develop issues, hard drive crashes, and other problems which might affect your company’s efficiency and profitability. 

For this reason, you’d want to outsource an IT expert to help you manage your technology infrastructure to reduce the chances of experiencing any unexpected downtime. That way, your business will achieve enhanced productivity and profitability.

7. Flexible Staffing

If your business only needs more IT support during peak season, it may be impractical to hire an in-house IT department. Since their expertise and services are only needed during certain times of the year, your business will hemorrhage money and resources during the off-season. If your business is like this, then outsourcing an IT firm is the answer.

This flexibility is cost and time-efficient. Also, the workers will try their best to do an excellent job since they’re working for a short period. Moreover, they would want the company to outsource them some other time; hence they strive their best to build a good reputation for them to be reconsidered.

Another benefit of flexibility is that you can outsource IT specialists that you’re sure are highly skilled from renowned companies. This will not only assure you excellent output but also give you peace of mind as they work on projects.

It’s essential to note that, even if you’ve employed one IT expert for your organization, it will reach a point where the tasks are too many for them to handle. Thus, they may become overwhelmed by the workload and need more help. To spare them the hassle and pressure, it’s best that you get an outsourced team to help—especially during the peak season.


An outsourced IT team will not only help your business reduce operating costs, but can improve work efficiency as well. Thus, this can make your firm gain a competitive advantage over other businesses.

Some of the ways in which IT outsourcing impacts your business include: reducing the chances of a data breach, enhancing flexibility, boosting the morale of workers, and lowering unexpected downtime. If you haven’t considered outsourcing a professional IT team yet, it’s high time to consider doing so if you want to achieve maximum profitability and productivity.

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