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It is likely that writing essays are not something you love to do. But, it could be a difficult task that can ruin your entire weekend. No picnic with friends. No dancing in a club. Only the solitude of the library and the feeling that your fingers are slowly extracting chunky text from the keyboard.

The good news is you can keep up and enjoy your weekends and social lives in general. These science-backed strategies will get you on your way to finishing all your written assignments in just an evening. You’ll be able to use a college essay papers database for informative and helpful samples and this will make it easy.

1. Clutter your desk.

That’s quite a shocking tip. It’s not the advice your mom gave you. People seek order in desk organization . No one wants to spend time looking for lost items and information. Unexpected results have been revealed by a University of Groningen study in 2015. The Netherlands researchers discovered that people who work and write papers in disordered settings try to restore order by setting clear and defined goals. This helps them achieve their goals faster.

2. Use multiple monitors.

Microsoft says that using multiple screens can increase your performance anywhere from 9% up to 50%. If possible, use different devices. For example, you could use your tablet to do research and your laptop for essay writing.

3. Stand up at least once a day.

Business Insider research papers found that standing desks were more productive, have higher energy levels, and are easier to concentrate on than sitting.

4. Pomodoro technique.

You can alternate between work and rest to maximize your productivity. This technique was invented in the late 1980s. It involves breaking work into short sessions that last 25 minutes, then taking short breaks for 5-10 minutes. These time periods are called ‘Pomodoro.’ Italian for tomatoes. Francesco Cirillo created this method by using a kitchen timer shaped like a tomato for self-control. And this is a great opportunity for essay writers.

5. Water is essential.

A University of East London School of Psychology study found that participants consumed three cups of water before taking a test. Participants had to press a button each time they saw an object on the screen. Participants who drank 3 cups of clear water before taking a test were at least 14% faster than those who had not drunk anything. It is vital to have fresh water in order to write essays that are rock solid.

6. Laugh.

Lomalind University in Southern California found that laughing, or just being able to laugh, improves brain function and reduces stress hormones. Youtube has a lot of hilarious videos that can be helpful.

7. Have a break

A 15% performance boost is guaranteed by having a small conversation with someone during a break. Isn’t this an excellent reason to get together with your friends?

8. Refrain from distractions

Texts, social media, and other distractions can be put on hold. Many apps can be used to distract you from distractions. It is important to disable the notification icon, use noise-canceling headsets, and avoid any social media that might be affecting your writing performance.

This technique is great if you’re able to focus on your work for a prolonged time and are able to avoid distractions. Another option is the 90/90 rule, where you dedicate 90 minutes to uninterrupted work for 90 consecutive days to create something that you love. It is much more effective than 90 minutes of multitasking or on-and-off work.

9. Stop checking your email.

You can find email addictive because of its unpredictable nature. You can make your life much simpler by making it a habit to check your email 2 to 3 times per day. Never check it before doing something more important. You don’t want to be distracted by your smartphone or social media when you have just a few hours to write your essay. They can steal your time and make it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

Procrastination is not an option in this situation. You need to get rid of your phone, Facebook, Twitter, and any other distractions. Place a Do Not Disturb sign on the front door. To make your essay more visible, you can install a full-screen text editor such as Darkroom onto your computer. You can also download browser apps to keep you away from social networks for a period of time that suits your needs.

10. Sync your data.

Dropbox, Google Drive, and Tresorit allow you to access your documents from anywhere. No more lost essays! No more homework from dogs. This is due to your specialist knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to access all relevant resources. You are familiar with the vocabulary and context of the subject.

A flood of ideas can be generated by research on one article or essay. Specialized writers will read and research the latest trends in their field. Writing about diverse topics is not an uncommon practice. However, it does not mean that writers should be ignored.

11. You can stop being a perfectionist.

Writing perfection takes too long. According to a recent study, you don’t have to be a top student in college in order to succeed in your life. It’s okay to not do everything you expected. Many people all over the globe feel obliged to perform the duties of a superhero during quarantine. But beating procrastination doesn’t equal being productive.

Multitasking is something that you should not do, especially in your studies. This can cause confusion in your brain and lead to a lot of different facts and bits of knowledge. It is important to plan your day and make sure you do not rush or cram. If you feel overwhelmed by deadlines and homework, our team can help.

12. Spend 5-10 mins reading inspirational material.

Keep your mind occupied with a stirring quote by a celebrity. Bruce Lee says, “If it takes too long to think about a thing you won’t get it done.”

13. Get enough sleep.

Make sure you get enough sleep, rest, talk with your friends, and eat healthy food. This is a great way to avoid depression and stay healthy while in lockdown. You will have a lot of fun with your online education. Numerous studies show that getting enough sleep (no less than 7 hours) is critical for academic success. That includes writing essays that rock.

14. Make Time for Editing, Proofreading, and Revising

You should allow yourself time to revise and edit the paper after you have completed it. Many students feel that this is a luxury because they write right up until the deadline. It shouldn’t. The first draft is not enough to make a paper great. It is a good idea for you to give yourself a time frame to go over the paper and make any necessary changes. It’s a good idea for you to go over your paper two times. You should first read the paper through to ensure clarity and flow. Also, make sure that you have organized it logically and that each section makes sense. You should go over it again to check for any mechanical errors.

15. Aerobics and exercise

According to a University of Illinois 2014 study, aerobic exercise is good for your relational memories.

16. Learn speed typing.

This can increase your speed to type 50 to 100% faster. There is nothing worse than being distracted by your hand placement while typing. Picking at keys can be slow and prevents you from slipping into your words. Some writers find faster typing leads to more ideas. However, this cannot be proved.

17. Background noise is helpful when you are studying.

Science has revealed that background noise can increase creativity and productivity. Coffitivity, Simplynoise, and other apps can help you fill your space if it is too quiet. You can make distractions from your children, neighbor, or pet that could affect your productivity. Coworking spaces help people avoid interruptions and focus on the task at hand.

You have access to all the necessary resources and can work from home . This allows writers to be more flexible with their work schedules. Working in shared office spaces has the added benefit of allowing you to meet other writers with diverse skills.

18. Try not to appear unnaturally optimistic.

 It’s always best to be who you are. A recent study showed that optimism is only possible when you relax and wish for the best. However, pessimists are able to boost their performance by up to 30% if they imagine the worst. Is there anything that could go wrong if you don’t complete an essay on time?

19. Do not try to do everything.

It is important to delegate responsibilities. You are not alone. It is possible to get assistance with essay writing.

You can write essays with these little-known habits. Enjoy your skyrocketing productivity by studying smarter.

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