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Cryptocurrency Ranking – What are the Best Coins to Invest in? 

Despite the protracted bear phase, cryptocurrencies are still very promising for investment. But the decision to invest money in the selected currencies should be balanced and justified. It is necessary to study the cryptocurrency ranking and make a choice in favor of the most promising ones. We decided to help you and bring to your attention a list of the most exciting coins for investment in 2023. 

Currently, the market is in a deep correction – many assets have lost up to 95% of their value. This is a time of great opportunity, markets cannot rise or fall all the time, so in 2023 there is a chance of growth and earnings for those buying coins in 2022. And it is best to buy coins on a proven and reliable platform – Chainbroker , which provides users with all the necessary tools.

Most promising coins

Let’s find out which coins are the most promising shortly. 


This is the leader of the list with the highest cryptocurrency rank. Despite the large drawdown, the future of Bitcoin is almost guaranteed to be positive. Today, it is accepted for online payments in many countries – some have legalized the asset by making the coin an official means of payment. 

Considering the coin as a technology, BTC is outdated, and there are better projects, so traders and investors use cryptocurrency as an index. Still, it is the safest asset to deposit and save money. The limited amount makes it in demand – the time will come when the demand for 1 BTC will be greater than it is now, but the price can be hundreds of thousands of dollars per coin. Jesse Powell, the CEO of the Kraken exchange, is confident that people need to consider BTC as an investment for five years or more. 


The second cryptocurrency for low-risk investment is Ethereum . This is a promising altcoin, the advantage of which lies in its focus on innovation. Ethereum is not just a cryptocurrency. It is a complete platform for developers where you can create your assets using blockchain technology and smart contracts.  

The current value is near $1,100, but during the active growth, the dynamics of ETH are better than that of BTC. Within the network, transactions can take 15 seconds, while BTC takes about 15 minutes. One of the reasons why you can see a meteoric rise in 2023 is the Ethereum 2.0 update. All these factors allowed the currency to get into our crypto ranking list. 


One of the best cryptocurrencies for investors looking for a strong, young asset with great growth potential in the following year. ADA is a technological achievement in the blockchain environment. The project works on Proof-of-stake, which indicates the effectiveness of the asset. Cardano, like Ethereum , uses smart contracts, which makes it easier to process transactions and reduces speed. This is a good combination of Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies, which is why Cardano got into the crypto ranking list. 


The creation of Flow was established on crypto games and NFT trading platforms. This approach allowed scaling without segmentation, and all transactions were fast, with minimal commissions. Today, the coin is a top-ranked cryptocurrency with good prospects. 

Flow coin was offered for purchase at the end of 2020. The initial offer of tokens was blocked for a year from holders. According to CoinMarketCap, the market capitalization is more than a billion dollars. The asset is in 31st place in the TOP-100 cryptocurrency ranking. Since the field of NFT and games is developing, Flow can show good growth in 2023, especially since the project is developing and a good team is behind it. 


Well, we have told you about the most promising projects soon. You can choose the top-ranked cryptocurrency and invest with minimal risk. Or invest in a new, less well-known, but more volatile project. However, all this must be done on a high-quality and reliable platform. We can recommend Chainbroker Funds for you. The company’s clients get access to many opportunities and can trade cryptocurrencies with maximum profit. 

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