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In our modern world getting employed has changed big time, and we need to make adjustments accordingly. If you are riding the bumpy road of career challenges, in the process of job seeking or trying to figure out what suits you best, or having difficulties along the path. Currently, developing your skills and creating self-branding is one of the main reasons why people decided to take a freelancer job according to Lensa . Regardless of what your current challenges are, you could pick some ideas from the following tips. 

Build a life around your relationships backed by work, not the other way round

What makes you get the most out of life and enables you to enjoy it? Your work? Relationships? True, work is the first source of fulfillment for the majority of people. However, can you always be truly satisfied by working alone? No. We are here to learn and develop through our relationships. Of course, work relationships matter, but your private relationships matter the most. If you keep it professional at work and put in even more effort in your relationships, you can have a truly satisfying life. Seeking to achieve work-life balance is the key to self-fulfillment.

It is normal to change jobs these days, and our social circles can also switch around, thanks to our current times. If you aim to build longer-term and more meaningful relationships outside work, it can make you more content. Realizing that living your life backed up by your work so you can enjoy your leisure time connecting with others and not living your life for work only is crucial for your happiness. 

If You Can’t Do What You Love for Money Do It Socially 

Chances are, you can’t always earn a living from doing what you love. You could aim for getting to a point in your career where you do what you enjoy doing, but if it takes time to get there don’t be hard on yourself. Most of us have to go through many trials after graduation because it is through seeing what doesn’t work we can get a clearer picture of what is for us. You can do as many as five or even fifteen different jobs before landing the long-term one you like. Meanwhile, if you don’t get the satisfaction you would need from your job, look for fulfillment in your social circles. 

It can be anything you enjoy doing. Look up local networking events and social groups. Search for places of your interest. There are so many options available today if you live in a normal-sized city, it’s even hard to choose. Be it a hiking group, self-development circle, language, business, or any kind of networking event, even volunteering. The bigger doors you open the more meaningful relationships you could build! Some of these events are also great for introverts, so that shouldn’t be your excuse!!

Obtaining a Higher Level Degree Today

Is it a good idea to get an MBA or an advanced degree from a financial and time perspective if you don’t have a job? Perhaps not the best. If you can’t get a job it is smarter to invest in a coach or a professional that can help you achieve your career goals. You shouldn’t stop working to support your higher-level education unless you have already earned a top business school diploma. But then again, you don’t want to run out of your pocket when you finish your education. Getting a degree in law can be more rewarding but working in the field generally comes with a higher rate of burnout and depression.

Strive to be More Likable than Competent

People prefer working with likable and less competent people than competent and less likable people. Why? Because less likable people are generally more argumentative, and others can sense this. What’s more, if you are unlikeable at work your colleagues can think you are also less competent. So if social and workplace connections matter to you, as they should, don’t try to impress others with your IQ without using your EQ.

Specialize in your niche

You can only have low-level jobs that don’t require a specialty. If you want to serve on a higher level, you have to be outstanding at something and don’t take up anything. It is enough to find your greatest potential in one field. No one is great at everything. Even if you don’t want to undertake an executive position, you should still specialize in something. This could save you from getting easily replaced if you need to take off longer times. If you have a special skill and you are great at it, however, people will still need your services when you return. Use this fact to help you find your target audience and niche.

How to Prepare For an Interview? 

You should be preparing for an interview like a test. Study the company culture and statements, and think about and write down your answers to the most common 50 interview questions, for instance, Forbes interview questions. The common interview questions are usually general, so this will give you a good base if you answer them , along with any job-specific questions the given company might ask you. Give it enough time to work out your answers, and roleplay in front of the mirror for your best performance! If you have some doubts check these interview tips .

How Long Your CV Should Be? 

Since your resume is rather marketing material than your detailed work experience and life story, you should aim to keep it the shortest possible. Try to aim for no longer than a page. Consider that HR managers usually don’t want to spend long minutes on each applicant’s CV.

Fill in the possible gaps in your resume by proving the useful skills you were gaining in those times. Tell the story of how what you have learned helps you achieve your next goal. 

Is it a Good Idea to Ask For a Promotion? 

Usually not. Salary seldom increases by more than four percent. Is the difference enough to change your life in a meaningful way? Chances are the person who promotes you to a different position is not always the best position for you. Unless you have had your eyes on that specific role longer-term. Consider these facts carefully before stepping into a role you would later regret. 

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