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The holidays promise more free time for customers, time spent with family, and discounted present purchases. Businesses have a fantastic opportunity to improve client relations and boost revenue over special proposals for Halloween, or via Thanksgiving promotions , not even talking about the Christmas season, especially if their holiday marketing has a good strategy and ideas.

The effectiveness of a holiday marketing effort mostly depends on skillful preparation (however, like many other things in life). So let’s talk about the most productive methods to attract customers during the holidays.

What Steps Should You Take to Make Your Holiday Marketing Successful

Here are some suggestions to get your company ready for the holiday season so that it can thrive.

  • Begin early. Both buyers and sellers may look forward to the holidays. They organize and prepare for their shopping experience, and this pattern is becoming more prevalent with time. Facebook even says that coming up with ideas for Christmas and New Year’s marketing should begin in the summer. Is the pre-holiday discount strategy well-thought-out? Have festive colors been prepared for the website, advertising banners, and pop-up windows? Are social media updates and newsletter articles for the run-up to the holidays written? You should think about all these questions beforehand to get more chances to make your holiday marketing successful.
  • Organize the team. If a buyer does not have a good experience during their initial purchase, you will not have a repeat customer, even with the most successful advertising effort. Nothing is more irritating than putting off making a purchase you desire on holidays in particular. Make sure you can fulfill orders before running promotions. The staff should be informed of any promotions and special offers so as not to damage the reputation of the business. People should be trained, made familiar with the company’s characteristics, and given practice exercises and it should be sure that customers have a great and comfortable experience when doing business with you. Holiday visitors who arrived as new clients may stick around.

After these preparations are done you should consider the following options for your holiday marketing campaign:

  • Plan the gift-giving process. Customers enjoy receiving gifts and taking part in competitions, sweepstakes, and sweepstakes. This format is a highly powerful tool for brands and enterprises since it helps to boost activity in the community, grow the audience, and create leads.
giveaway voucher

There are numerous ways to organize the gift-giving process:

A bonus for each purchase. Give someone a product from your line, a discount, or just a souvenir if they purchased anything from you or placed an order for a service.

A present for each deed. Invite people to follow you on social media, sign up for your newsletter, post-holiday-related content, leave comments, or do any other action that will help your company.

Everyday draw. Run a contest every day for a predetermined amount of time, like the 12 Days of Christmas.

Large draw. At the end of the holiday promotion, announce the contest winner with a substantial reward.

You may select one or more of these possibilities. You have more possibilities to attract a sizable audience the more opportunities you take advantage of and accomplish outstanding outcomes.

  • Propose different methods. The principle “Buy now, pay later” is gaining popularity The “Buy Now Pay Later” (BNPL) trend is expected to grow because it allows you to sit on two chairs at once. Since 2019 more and more shoppers use this option even for small purchases. BNPL is applied for both large electronics and small grocery orders.
  • Offer free delivery. One of the hottest marketing strategies to boost sales and lower churn in recent years is free delivery. Approximately 47% of customers are prepared to spend extra if a company or retailer offers free delivery according to recent research. The many free delivery options available include the following:

Deliveries are free for loyal clients. Encourage prospective customers to join your “customer club” to increase the number of leads.

Some goods include free shipping. Delivery fees for various commodities vary. Find the “golden medium” and include high-margin, low-cost goods in the campaign.

Package of goods delivery is free. The cost of the buyer’s shipping will increase as there are more items in the cart. Use free shipping to promote related or upselling items.

Free delivery as a gift. Instead of a discount, provide clients with free delivery.

Limited-time free shipping. During the campaign, make delivery complimentary.

  • Holiday-themed video advertising. Why should the video be a part of your Christmas advertising? Because using a video is the best method to set a celebratory mood. You may sell your brand using video, in addition to merchandise. Video marketing initiatives have been shown to raise average order values, and 64% of customers reported that viewing a Facebook holiday commercial affected their choice to make a purchase
  • Work along with bloggers and influencers. As bloggers frequently update their social media accounts with details about forthcoming holiday activities , they aid in spreading the word about your company. Make sponsored, non-promotional material that is focused on a particular holiday using influencers. You might request that they showcase your goods being utilized over the holiday season to attract more customers and broaden your audience. Collaboration with bloggers in holiday marketing initiatives helps to broaden reach, draw in new audiences, and boost conversion rates. These initiatives often provide businesses with more holiday advertising space and opportunity.


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Holidays and promotions can pass either in a stressful environment or a relaxed, exciting, and enjoyable one, depending on the planning. To make the period leading up to the holidays productive and enjoyable, consider how you might be engaging and helpful to your consumers in advance. Over the holiday season, competing businesses will send out hundreds of tempting offers. It’s critical to keep up with them and create a standout holiday marketing effort. It will help you stand out from the crowd and attract a significant share of buyers.

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