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These days, phone cases are more than just protective skins for our mobile devices. They are an integral element of our daily fashion and style.

Therefore, we have compiled 11 of the best DIY phone cover instructions that are basic and straightforward to make.

Not everyone can find the phone case they desire in stores. In addition, premade phone cases are prohibitively expensive, thus these handcrafted phone covers are the best projects to pursue.

The majority of the phone cover ideas suggested in this article may be accomplished with household items.

You may relax if you want your phone to turn over a new leaf because we’ve already done the legwork for you.

Browse these 11 best colorful phone cases and make your own right now.

1. DIY Stickers Case

DIY Stickers Case

This do-it-yourself project is straightforward. Using the letter and number stickers, you simply need to make out initials, words, or phrases.

It may be song lyrics, a passage from a book, or as many digits of Pi as you can recall. This is an inexpensive way to adorn your similarly affordable Phone.

The second step involves some forethought but is otherwise straightforward. Map out a design you like.

Then, bring it to life using the geometric stud stickers. Or cover the full back of your Galaxy S22+ case to give it a textured, edgy appearance.

2. DIY Nail Polish Case

DIY Nail Polish Case

Utilize the nail polish on your dresser to create a gorgeous and distinctive phone case. Even better, you know it will complement both your manicure and the unique themes on your iPhone 12 pro .

Be sure to slowly pour your paints. And attempt to maintain a firm grasp on your case as you dip it into the water.

Ventilation is of utmost importance for this project. Sit near an open window or an electric fan to reduce odors.

It is also helpful to have a bottle of non-acetone nail paint remover on hand if your children are participating.

While waiting for your case to dry, you should paint each other’s nails.

3. DIY Acrylic paint Case

DIY Acrylic paint Case

More prep time is needed for this painted case.

Under your case, place a drop cloth or newspaper to prevent spills. And utilize containers for all the paints and tools you will require.

Utilize a variety of tools to achieve a satisfactory appearance. This includes paintbrushes, spray bottles, and even your fingertips.

Remember to exercise patience. A few hours will pass before your phone case is dry enough to display.

4. DIY Hot Glue Case

DIY Hot Glue Case

phone cases or are attempting to repair a fancy but cracked phone case, this Instructables-created hot glue phone case is ideal for you.

As long as you have the other materials necessary to finish the DIY project, you can opt to create a beautiful butterfly, a terrifying Halloween spider, a flower, or whatever else catches your eye at the time.

5. DIY Fan Case

DIY Fan Case

Big admirer of a particular Athlete? Team? A kind of car? Actor? Want a DIY phone case idea for your favorite K-pop band?

Print out your favorite photo of your favorite band, that car, or a sports team insignia to fulfill your fanatical fantasies. Install it on your phone under a transparent case.

6. DIY Gem Case

DIY Gem Case

Although purchasing a brand-new gem phone case may set you back several hundred dollars, they are well worth the investment.

Fortunately, the jewel phone case is just one of the many technological items for which there is a Do It Yourself solution.

Most surprisingly, what? One of the quickest and easiest projects on our list, all you need is glitter glue and a phone case.

If you want to finish this task successfully, I recommend consulting the detailed instructions provided on Instructables .

7. DIY Puffy Paint Case

DIY Puffy Paint Case

Begin with a transparent phone case.

Create a butterfly outline on the phone case using dimensional fabric puffy paint in white.

Beginning with red puffy paint on the opposite side of each wing, construct a line of color from top to bottom. Add further hues in rainbow order.

As you add more colors, you can adjust the thickness of the lines based on the remaining space.

Create a flower design within each wing using a toothpick and a dragging motion. Always wipe the toothpick clean.

8. DIY Japanese Decoden Embellished case

DIY Japanese Decoden Embellished case

This DIY phone case adorned with Japanese decoded will become your girl’s new favorite.

This gorgeous phone case may be decorated with bows, bears, stones, and other items your girl enjoys using silicone caulk.

By exploiting this Tutorial you will grasp the complete technique, which is indeed simple to understand and manipulate.

9. DIY Starbucks case

DIY Starbucks case

Would you like a glistening Starbucks case to decorate the exterior of your phone?

You can get all the information you need to make it at home by watching Belinda Selene’s video on YouTube , which explains how to do it.

10. DIY 3-D Accessorizing case

DIY 3-D Accessorizing case

This charming 3D phone case from The Pink Samurai, which is adorned in trinkets, will win your heart. Simply gather some components that excite you and glue them on!

11. DIY Fabric Case

DIY Fabric Case

Spend some time looking through the rolls of eccentric designs and lavishly embroidered fabrics at the craft store.

These work well for this kind of do-it-yourself activity. To fit between the clear case and the phone itself, all you have to do is carefully cut out a rectangle of your chosen fabric.

12. DIY Washi Tape iPhone case

DIY Washi Tape iPhone case

This iPhone case made from washi tape by Chronicles is the ideal weekend activity. Bright colors and a beautiful herringbone pattern make this cover appear so stylish and lively. You can do it using the colors of your choice for a more personalized appearance.

13. DIY Penguin Case

DIY Penguin Case

If you’re artistic and a fan of animals, you’ll appreciate this DIY phone case concept.

You simply need white nail polish or paint for the penguin’s body, yellow nail polish or paint for the penguin’s beak and feet, black nail polish or paint for the penguin’s eyes or any other color combination that strikes your fancy.

Do you want your penguin and phone case to be more realistic and distinctive? Add a pair of penguin wings.

For this technique, roll out polymer clay into the shape of tiny penguin wings and adhere them to the edge of your phone case, as illustrated here in this CupOfCuteDIY YouTube guide.

14. DIY Galaxy Phone Case

DIY Galaxy Phone Case

There is nothing that screams “unique” quite like galaxy artwork, and if you’ve been looking for unique ways to transform your phone case, you can never go wrong with this form of art.

Galaxy artwork has been a popular choice in recent years. The most exciting aspect of this do-it-yourself project for a galaxy phone case?

To give the impression that there is more room on your phone case, all you really need is some glitter glue, a paintbrush, and nail polish or paint in a variety of colors. It’s not exactly rocket science.

To finish up this do-it-yourself project, check out this Guide that was provided earlier on YouTube .

15. DIY Printable Phone Case

DIY Printable Phone Case

Consider this one of the greatest painting ideas for phone cases! Easily create this printable phone case with vinyl at home.

This project allows you to utilize your creativity to build a phone case for your dull phone in a matter of minutes, isn’t that cool?

Additionally, it is inexpensive and may be made with common household materials.

The ingredients include painting paper, paints, brushes, notebook paper scraps, an inkjet printer, inkjet vinyl paper, scissors, and an X-acto knife.


Nowadays, smartphones are viewed as a need. It is in the hands of every person.

However, some people desire it to be tempting. What do they do about that? They definitely want to embellish it with some adorable cases.

Although these cases are sold in stores, remember that you may also make them at home.

Just keep in mind that a DIY project involves some introspection and that having the necessary tools on hand is fundamental.

You should implement one of the aforementioned suggestions if you want to make your own phone case.

Remember that it is not as complicated as it materializes from a distance, but you must put forth a step to prevail.

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