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Crypto assets are digital money with no physical form. However, digital coins have the same application as real money, with a difference in the scope of their use. For example, not all shops accept crypto coins as means of payment. 

The digital coin market is a space where people generate income from trading and investing. The matter is that crypto asset prices are incredibly volatile, for they are not under the government or central banks’ control. So the market lives according to its laws and no one can artificially increase the emission of coins or cut it. Though, the truth is that some large market players can really do it by massively selling assets or on the contrary, buying them, changing the supply-demand ratio.

Here are some crucial characteristics of crypto assets:


Crypto price changes under the pressure of the following factors:

  • Demand and supply for coins
  • The marker trend
  • The situation with the global economy 
  • Investors sentiment 
  • The technology of each particular project and its application.

Market Cap

Market capitalization is the overall value of all coins released and now in circulation. To receive the market cap, we should multiply the number of coins released by the crypto price live.

Trade Volume 

Trade volume is the total amount of all trades done with a particular coin during a certain period of time, usually in the last 24 hours, in dollar value.

The best crypto assets in terms of price, capitalization, and trade volume are:

  • Bitcoin 
  • Ethereum
  • Tether 
  • BNB

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Where Can I Buy Crypto Coins?

When it comes to crypto investment, it is crucial to pick a reliable crypto exchange that would comply with all the rules of regulators and ensure a high level of safety for its clients. We recommend the WhiteBIT platform, for its management team pays particular attention to the safety of users’ funds, storing them offline on cold wallets. 

The platform is easy to handle and offers two options for interface – beginner and advanced. WhiteBIT supports over 450 pairs and allows registered users to buy cryptocurrency using bank cards. The crypto calculator displays cryptocurrency rates live and calculates the needed amount you should pay for wanted crypto in the currency you have (crypto or fiat).

Read more about crypto trading on the WhiteBIT blog.

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