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It would appear that humans have been writing about planning for pretty much the whole time that people have been writing. That comes as no surprise.  

Without a project plan, there is no way to ensure success in any endeavor, be it the construction of a space shuttle or the simple act of putting together a meal. 

Everyone who has ever managed a project, being in charge of a team, or been successful in their life understands the need for planning. Having a strategy in place, although its significance, is not the only thing that should be done.  

Sometimes it’s easy to get overly passionate about a project, which can lead you to disregard best practices such as developing a comprehensive strategy for project management or utilizing software designed specifically for project planning. 

So, here we have compiled 18 of the best project planning quotes to encourage you to take your time and devise a comprehensive strategy that will get you where you want to go, whether it be the creation of an Android app, a creative chef-d’oeuvre, or a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day. 

Here We Go  

  • Life is what occurs while we are busy making other plans

Allen Saunders 

Without a strategy in place, we will not be able to bring about any of our goals. It is not enough to simply have a desire; you must also put effort into pursuing an activity that truly interests you. On the other hand, you will need to devise a strong plan that is both one that is feasible and one that can be put into action. 

  • “An objective without a plan is merely a wish.” 


Without a strategy, it is impossible to accomplish anything. It is not merely a matter of wishing for something, but also of actively pursuing it. However, you must design a feasible and realistic plan that can be implemented. 

  • “If you give me six hours to fell a tree, I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.” 

Abraham Lincoln 

These eloquent words by Abraham Lincoln underlined the importance of planning, even if you have limited time, provided you organize things effectively and in the proper manner. 

  • “Without imaginative leaps or daydreaming, the possibilities lose their allure. Ultimately, dreaming is a sort of planning.” 

Gloria Steinem 

It is human nature to lose interest in something if we have not planned for it and do not know its outcomes. We do not exert ourselves for anything that was not predetermined. 

  • “If you do not know your destination, you will find yourself somewhere else.” 

Yogi Berra 

Before beginning something, it is crucial to know where it will lead. This is only achievable with an appropriate plan. It gives us manageable steps, and we are aware of our ultimate destination. 

Without a plan, we will aimlessly meander, which can be quite frustrating the majority of the time. 

  • “Don’t wait until a crisis occurs to develop a crisis plan.” 

Phil McGraw (Dr. Phil) 

Regardless of our life stage, we should always have the plan to escape dire circumstances. You must contemplate the realities of life and be aware of how to escape them. You will have coping skills, which can be quite helpful in times of difficulty. 

  • “Speaking from personal experience, goal-setting and a comprehensive action plan have transformed my life from one filled with frustration to one filled with purpose.” 

Catherine Pulsifer 

To accomplish something significant, it is necessary to establish a series of smaller objectives. This is impossible without the ability to properly plan for it. 

  • “Goal-setting is not the most important thing. It is planning how you will achieve your objective and sticking to that plan.” 

Tom Landry 

Sometimes the strategy we create is so difficult that it becomes impossible to follow it. However, you must create a plan that is feasible and will make things easier for you. The basic principle is to persevere in pursuit of one’s goals regardless of obstacles encountered along the route. 

  • “Fortune is the result of opportunity meeting planning.” 

Thomas A. Edison 

When adequate planning is in place, we can truly make the impossible possible. You must take advantage of the chance and devise a good plan so that everything turns out well. 

  • “The backbone of success is hard work, determination, good planning, and perseverance.”  

Mia Hamm  

It is a well-known fact that if you do not plan, you will not be able to do what you set out to do. This is one of the most important components that must be present before something significant can take place. 

  • “He, who every morning plans the transactions of the day, and follows that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through a labyrinth of the busiest life.” 

Victor Hugo  

Even the most mundane activities in your life should be planned out in advance. Your life will be given the correct direction as a result of this, and everything will be put in its proper place. 

  • “Chance favors the prepared mind.”  

Louis Pasteur  

When you are ready for the positive things that could happen to you, those things will start to happen. You need to keep in mind that everything good that can happen eventually will, and you also need to have a sound strategy for when it does happen. 

  • “The bulk of men meet with failure because of their lack of perseverance in developing new plans to take the place of those which fail.” 

Napoleon Hill  

There are times when we are struck by exceptionally lovely concepts. The insufficient amount of time spent preparing and planning for it led to its failure to occur. 

  • “If you have achieved all that you have planned for yourself, you have not planned enough.” 

Edward Everett Hale  

You have to keep educating yourself about your life and any challenges it presents to you right up until the moment that you take your final breath. You should never look at any potential outcome in your life as the last option. 

  • “Once you’re more cognizant of people’s requirements, you can create action plans for others to follow. That way, you’re accountable for your own well-being, too.” 

Deepak Chopra 

  • “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of probabilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”  

Gloria Steinem  

It is easy for us to overlook the fact that a plan is a document that provides a framework for a concept. However, in the absence of that vision, which is necessary to put the plan into action, there is really no purpose in continuing. Gloria Steinem, an icon in the feminist movement, is aware of the fact that one must first have a dream before one can create a strategy. That should be the first thing you do with any plan. 

  • When the weather is nice outside is when you should work on fixing the roof

John F. Kennedy 

The United States of America was given a new sense of optimism by President John F. Kennedy, and we are all aware of what transpired after that. But at a time when we were still infused with a sense of hope about the future, John F. Kennedy made it quite plain that whatever future we had in front of us was due to what we did behind it. 

  • “Without a firm commitment, there are only words of assurance and aspirations, but no concrete plans.” 

Peter F. Drucker 

Peter Drucker, an author, and educator, is making the point that there is no plan unless all of the relevant stakeholders are on board with it. This includes communicating with the team members from the perspective of the stakeholders. If the head of the project can’t inspire everyone else involved and win their commitment, the plan is ineffective. 

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