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We all love to play online games to get the end rewards. Online games that allow players to earn incentives for their play are known as “play-to-earn” (P2E) games.

Then, these prizes can be exchanged for or sold for cash in the real world. Games, where players must pay money to advance inside the game or buy in-game things, are often replaced with play-to-earn games.

Players can earn rewards in play-to-earn games by fulfilling quests, leveling up characters, and player-versus-player combat.

And if you want to know more about this rewarding and entertaining experience with the possibility of earning money, read this article as we jotted down attractive play-to-earn game ideas for beginners.

1. Axie Infinity

In the fascinating play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, users gather pets called Axis to use against other players in a virtual world. Sky Mavic created Axie Infinity to provide enjoyable experiences like kingdom-building, raising, breeding, and combat.

When it comes to skill and competition, Axie Infinity gameplay is fierce. First, you must locate an axe that can destroy your opponents to initiate playing Axie Infinity.

There are about six types of pure Axie, and each has six bodily sections with various stats. To have a chance of defeating your rivals, you must be clever in the pet you choose.

It’s time to begin your adventure mode training after you have your Axie set. Your pet fights AI Axie here to gain “Experience” (XP) for the Arena mode that comes later in the game. You are matched with other players in this mode based on your Matchmaking Rating (MMR).

The MMR value determines your degree of expertise and how much money you will win playing Axie Infinity. Additionally, you can farm forms to make cryptocurrency. To this aim, your MMR and wallet size increase as you eliminate more opponents in (PVP) mode.

The amount you can make on Axie Infinity depends on how well you play. And hardware plays a vital role. So, going for the perfect hardware before playing crypto ios games is necessary.

The in-game currency, Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens, are often awarded to players at the beginning of the game when their MMR is at or above 1200. each time you prevail in a fight. The native token of Axie Infinity is SLP. 3SLP is roughly $0.015. Your MMR decreases if you lose the game, but your SLP doesn’t.

2. Sandbox

The Sandbox is among the best crypto play-to-earn games that combine monetization and creativity.

Players can make money by playing this metaverse game created for multiple players. To educate people about blockchain technology through video games, Pixowl introduced the Sandbox in 2011.

But this NFT-based game now has a prospering digital economy where users can make and sell digital multiplayer games and voxel assets.

Inspired by the imagination of the users and gamers, this NFT gameplay was made. You can design virtual worlds in the Sandbox, complete with people, places, objects, activities, and resources, as well as the interactions that take place there. As a result, the game has an infinite library of games.

Game owners must first tie their game to a specific area of Sandbox land to enable gameplay, according to The Sandbox. On The Sandbox, a plot of land is 11, or 9696 in-game meters, where a meter is equal to 3D pixels. Furthermore, you can rent land to develop any game on rather than having to own it.

In the world of Sandbox, creativity reigns supreme since that’s how you can earn money. Making NFTs and reselling them on the market is the game’s primary means of earning money. You’ll receive payment in the in-game currency SAND.

NFTs can range in value from $0.97 to $4826. You can set your NFTs’ pricing anywhere inside this spectrum and still find a receptive buyer. The Sandbox may also be profitable by purchasing land that can rent out or sell to different players for a profit. Inside the game, no set prices for buying, renting, or selling land.

3. Decentraland

Amongst the most well-known virtual metaverse game is Decentraland.

MANA is the in-game native token. This play-to-earn game was created by Esteban Ordano and Ariel Meilich and serves as a virtual storefront for digital materials.

Players may create and profit from their interactive digital real estate in Decentraland. The 90,601 unique LAND parcels available are crucial to the gameplay of Decentraland. You can construct gorgeous landscapes, structures, works of art, and nearly any other NFT on these lands according to your imagination.

With the help of these digital resources, Decentraland users can design games , social interactions, and even gatherings where they might get paid if other players join them.

Additionally, Decentraland offers a construction tool and a marketplace that make the Decentraland gameplay come to life. Furthermore, you can create NFTs with the builder tool, then trade them in the market to gain Mana.

The best method to profit on Decentraland is to purchase land and then sell it for a profit.

Inside the game, purchasing land can cost up to $3,000. But if you buy a piece of land in a sought-after location, you may sell it for as much money as you like. Decentraland’s highest land selling price set a record of $2.43 million.

4. Splinterlands

The trading card game Splinterlands is a standout player-versus-player title. Players in this game compete against one another using “Splinter” cards, which they can collect, purchase, or trade.

Splinterlands is a draw for fans of card games due to the game’s total reliance on playing cards. The summoner’s card and its related monster’s card are the two different kinds of cards in the game.

The player who owns the corresponding monster’s card is called upon to fight when any player utilizes their summoner’s card. In the game, each card originates from one of the seven environments (referred to as Splinters) for the players. To unlock new creatures to compete with, you can acquire these card packs by getting involved in everyday quests and combat mode.

Winning these competitions boosts a player’s skill level, which raises the quantity of Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) they can obtain from the game-earning card packs.

The first approach has the drawbacks of being sluggish and producing less profit. But selling NFTs can be profitable. Cards have a value of as little enough at $19 or as high as $17,800-depending on their uniqueness, magic, health, and strike levels.


Overall, we have included a list of appealing play-to-earn game suggestions for new players that involve- completing quests, character leveling up, and participating in player-versus-player fighting in various games. And we also hope that playing the games mentioned above has allowed you to gain awards for participation that could later be exchanged or sold for actual money.

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