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A document you use to capture all known risks is called:

On a Friday evening John (your best engineer in the team) comes to you and says he quits. You have two weeks to find a substitution. What would reduce the chances of such an event? Why?

A process that involves prioritizing risks for further action or analysis by assessing the impact and the probability of occurrence is called

When do you perform Risk Identification?

As a part of your project, you need to organize a conference. You learn that in the place that you rented there’s a 70% chance of a tropical storm on the selected dates. How should you handle such risk?

Who should be involved in Risk Management activities?

You acquired an expensive piece of equipment for your project. It is know to be sensitive and fragile in work. Several tasks that require this equipment are on a critical path. What’s the BEST action you can do to improve project’s chances for success?

You are on the call with clients. They say the vendor team they hired to create designs is behind schedule. What should you do?

After you performed Qualitative Risk Analysis you need to create:

After reviewing Risk Register you see two critical risks that you anticipate during the next week. What should you do with this knowledge?

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