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#1: What document sets initial boundaries for the project scope?

#2: The requirements traceability matrix helps a project manager to do the following:

#3: On Friday evening, Delana (the project owner) dragged you to a Zoom meeting. She asked to include an additional feature that has unclear relation to the project objectives. What project documents may help you make an argument against adding the new scope of work in the middle of a project?

#4: What project management techniques may help you identify requirements?

#5: Decomposition is a technique that helps you to break down a project into smaller, more manageable pieces of work. Whom should you include in scope decomposition sessions:

#6: A tool that helps you to decompose the project into smaller, more manageable pieces is called:

#7: Imagine that in the middle of the project, your team member comes to you and informs you that he forgot to include tasks required to prepare documentation for API you need to create. He will need about four hours. Suddenly, you realize that you have 14 such APIs to document. How do we call such a scenario:

#8: At the end of the project, you hand off all eight deliverables to the customer. The customer returned to you in a few days with numerous small change requests and defects for each deliverable. What should you have done to avoid such a situation?

#9: Who is responsible for the requirements identification process?

#10: Which of the following is a piece of requirements documentation?

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