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Welcome to the Download Page of the Scrum Master Salary Report

How do you compare? The Scrum Master Salary Report 2023 is based on 1,100-plus replies from practitioners gathered globally during the 4th quarter of 2022. Learn more about your Scrum Master career opportunities for free.

Scrum Master Salary Report 2023 —

The Background of the Scrum Master Salary Report

The Scrum Master Salary Report 2023 is the fourth edition of the industry survey after 2017, 2019, and 2022. This free report is based on the answers of 1,143 participants globally. If you are considering a career decision this year, maybe, whether you should join the industry as a junior Scrum Master or move to a new organization or go independent, you will find the report’s information beneficial.

By the way, the average salary of the participants in the survey is $80,995, with a standard deviation of about $53,700. In the complete report, you will find more detailed information; download your copy below. Moreover, we are considering creating a statistical model to suggest further career steps: The “Scrum Master Salary Toolkit.”

But see for yourself by downloading your copy of the Scrum Master Salary Report 2023:

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