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Whether you are in school or college, learning is hard. It requires time and significant commitment to succeed academically. But no matter how difficult it gets, there are always ways to make things simpler.

These days, students can leverage various apps and resources to learn smarter, not harder. These apps are meant for different purposes. But they all have the same core goal—to make your studies simpler. In this article, we are going to tell you about the top eight apps that will improve your learning, help you attain your academic goals, and also save you plenty of time!

1. DoMyHomeworkAbc

This web-based tool is an absolute must-have for a modern student. We all know that the academic curriculum can be quite hefty. Often, handling loads of homework assignments and papers on your own is nearly impossible, especially if you have a job or participate in extracurriculars. Luckily, all it takes is to use DoMyHomeworkAbc to do my homework online , and all your academic problems will be solved by qualified experts.

DoMyHomeworkAbc is a student’s one-stop shop for high-quality academic help. Here, you will find a large pool of professionals who know how to meet the demands of your professors and get you the highest grades. And you will get more time for handling other tasks and being more productive.

2. Kahoot!

From personalized study plans to dozens of fun educational apps—these and much more are available at Kahoot! This online learning platform was designed to deliver outstanding experiences to every student. With this resource, you can attain any learning goal while also having a lot of fun.

In addition to a variety of educational games, tools, and plans, Kahoot! also offers online study groups where you can meet same-minded peers and study even more effectively.

3. edX

Self-learning is a crucial skill that plays a huge role at all levels of education. Whenever you want to master a new skill or clarify a hard topic, it’s self-learning that can help you achieve the set goal. Unfortunately, for many students, self-learning seems to be too time-consuming and complicated. But edX solves this problem!

This platform is available both from the browser and as a handy app for your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It is a platform for effective self-learning. It brings together lessons from the world’s best universities on a variety of disciplines to help you study any subject with ease.

4. Manuscripts

Academic papers always cause plenty of stress. However, Manuscripts can change this. This app is a smart word processor explicitly developed to let you craft excellent academic papers with less effort. First of all, it has an incredibly convenient and intuitive interface to let you get started with it right away.

Secondly, the Manuscripts app offers students a wealth of features for academic writing. Namely, it lets you create and edit elements like annotations, footnotes, and references with no effort. All features are only one click away. So if you are set on simplifying the process of academic writing, be sure to try this app!

5. Evernote

Taking notes has always been an important part of the educational process. It also has always been a real pain for students. But not now that there is Evernote . This top-rated app is available for all devices and operating systems. It was designed to take the process of note-taking to the next level, and it really comes in handy.

With Evernote, you can type notes faster and easier. The app allows you to attach videos, photos, and audio files to your notes. Most importantly, the tool lets you organize and prioritize your notes in a way that feels comfortable for you. As a result, you have all your notes in a single place and within a short reach.

6. SimpleMind

When you are out of fresh ideas or unable to tackle your papers or projects, SimpleMind might be your best bet. This free app is meant for creating mind maps. With its help, you can quickly create detailed mind maps to organize your thoughts, generate ideas, and learn new topics.

If you aren’t sure this will improve your learning, you have to know that mind mapping has a number of science-backed benefits. It boosts information retention by 10-15%, simplifies the learning of complex concepts, boosts creativity, and improves productivity. On top of that, mind mapping makes learning fun!

7. Google Drive

We bet you have already heard about this cloud storage by Google. But if you are not using it for your studies yet, you are missing out. Being a student today means dealing with lots of digital files. From class materials to the papers you create—most of these docs are now stored in a digital form. And you don’t want to lose them due to a laptop crash.

Google Drive offers a smart way to create, organize, and store your files. With its help, you can keep all your important stuff in one place and ensure that it’s secure from any threats. Moreover, Google Drive also makes it very easy to collaborate with other users on shared projects. Without any doubt, it does make learning much simpler and more effective.

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8. My Study Life

Lastly, a big part of every student’s success lies in proper organization. Having to keep up with dozens of classes, projects, and assignments, you can find it hard to stay on the right track. And that’s why every student needs an app like My Study Life.

My Study Life is a smart student planner meant to help you achieve success through better self-organization. With its help, you can keep better track of everything that’s going on in your life. Keep a detailed schedule of all your classes, exams, tasks, and deadlines to see what you’ve got on your plate. Most importantly, you can also synchronize your schedule across different devices to stay on the right track even on the go.

The Bottom Line

Academic success is achieved through a combination of factors. It always takes time, dedication, and commitment to attain your goals. And in the 21st century, technology is also a part of the equation.

Today, achieving academic excellence without the right tech tools is nearly impossible. Luckily, you don’t have to do this. Now you know about some of the best apps that will help you improve your learning and save time. Use them to your benefit!

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