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An executive summary is an incredible document that is quite short but has a lot of significance in the overall company’s workings because of its importance in front of the whole upper management.

It is important and useful because it is an incredible summary of a much larger document that helps the upper management understand what the company is trying to do and how they are going to achieve all of their future goals and milestones.

The bad news about this document is that it is very difficult to summarize such an important document into bite-sized chunks.

But in this article, we will show you how to write an executive summary so that you can easily write one for all of your future company endeavours.

What is an Executive Summary?


We start with defining the Executive Summary. It is an incredible document that is a short version of a larger business report or proposal that is submitted to the upper document to make sure that they are in the loop regarding all of the future endeavours of the company.

In other words, this document is a summary of the business report that is presented to the upper management, but they are too busy to read the whole thing, so they read the executive summary and understand everything that is going on.

This document contains a short statement that expertly addresses the proposal or problem described in the attached documents. It also contains background information, a concise analysis, and a conclusion.

What Makes Up an Executive Summary?

Let us now discuss the elements that make up the structure and body of the executive summary that you are about to make for your company.

  • Catchy Introduction
  • Appropriate Language
  • Relevant Information

Let’s take a look at all of them in detail.

1. Catchy Introduction

The first thing you have to do while writing a simple blog, assignment, work memo, or executive summary for the most influential people in the company, is to create the catchiest introduction that grasps the introduction of the reader from the first moment they lay eyes on it.

It works as that joke at the start of a very detailed speech, to break the tension and makes the reader feel relaxed and relatable to the content at hand.

This example isn’t a rule that you have to follow and write jokes in the introduction, this was just to show you what a powerful effect a relatable statement can have on the people that are going to read your content, no matter how influential they are on the company ladder.

Stick to your strengths while writing your introduction and make sure that you are summarizing some very powerful facts for them since the start of the document, which will help you reel them in from the start of the document, otherwise, they will move on in an instant.

One other thing that you have to keep in mind while writing an executive summary or even a simple content piece, is that you have to make short paragraphs that can be easily skimmed.

This is because big blocks of text are always off-putting, and you have to make your text short and precise to retain the reader’s attention.

2. Appropriate Language

One of the most important things that you have to keep an active eye on is the language that you are going to be using in the executive summary for the upper management people of the company.

This rule is also applicable to every marketing content or any other type of content that you are writing. This is because you have to understand your audience when you are starting to write professionally.

You need to know their background and their field of work so that you can use the exact language that is going to reel them in and retain their attention for a long time.

3. Relevant Information

One other important thing that you have to remember is that you have to use actual facts and relevant information related to the company and the goals of the business in the executive summary that you are going to present to the upper management.

This is because they are going to focus on every single fact and faucet of information you put on that paper, and if they see something that is missing or something incorrect, they are going to call you on it and that would not end well for you in the future.

If you think that the company lacks something, you can recommend it to the company. But be sure about the stuff that you are going to recommend because the whole scenario of that recommendation benefiting or crashing the company is going to be put on you.

Format of the Executive Summary

Here is a basic format that you can use to create your own basic Execute Summary.

  • The first thing that you have to include in the introduction that is going to reel in your audience
  • The next is the table of contents which is going tell the audience about everything that is going to be mentioned in the Executive Summary
  • Furthermore, you have to explain the company’s role and how powerful the identities related to the company are
  • The next is the need, importance, or problems associated with the company or the business
  • Next is the recommended solution to the problems that the company is facing and you also have to explain the value of these solutions in the document
  • You also have to justify this solution in detail and you also have to explain how this solution is going to fit the organization
  • The last is the conclusion that is going to wrap up the conversation that takes place in the whole document


This was a short guide on how to create an incredible executive summary that will help you describe your company’s aims and ambitions in a more concise way. If you want to learn more from us, check out the articles below.

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