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Massage is one of the techniques used by those seeking a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. It is done through different approaches and with different purposes. The main procedures used are gliding, kneading, and friction, which trigger the lymphatic, nervous, circulatory, and, of course, energy systems. Thus, massage is good for both the mind and the body.

A single massage session is enough to achieve results such as relaxation, ease, reduced stress and anxiety, headache relief, toxin elimination, and improved blood pressure. However, frequent practice further enhances the results associated with each type of treatment.

Each type of massage has its own purpose and specific techniques. There are many different approaches to it. However, we will list the main types of massage and their benefits. Learn more about them!

1. Drainage

Also known as lymphatic drainage, this is a technique aimed at releasing lymph, commonly used in aesthetic and weight loss treatments. The movements activate all blood circulation, stimulating the lymph nodes and clearing anything that may be trapping fluid.

The result is the best effectiveness in fighting cellulite, flushing out accumulated fluid, and boosting the body’s defenses.

2. Relaxing massage

This technique, also called Swedish massage, uses slow and gentle movements without heavy pressure to help relax muscles, improve circulation, relieve stress, and improve tissue and blood oxygenation. As well as reducing anxiety and insomnia, it also helps organ function and strengthens the immune system.

It is always worth remembering that massage should be performed by professionals with specialized training and only in a specially equipped aroma massage center. It is important to look for proven masseurs who work in wellness centres that you already know or have recommendations from trusted sources. For example, when travelling through the city of Abu Dhabi on the southern shore of the Persian Gulf, you can stop by a beauty spa and enjoy a luxury massage in a comfortable and prepared environment just for you. A couples massage Abu Dhabi for instance can be one of the best experiences of your trip if you are travelling with your loved one.

3. Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage has its origins in India, dating back to an ancient healing medicine created some, 7000 years ago. It aims to stimulate blood circulation and muscles, releasing toxins trapped in the tissues. The technique also opens blocked energy channels, allowing pain and tension to dissipate.

4. Facial Massage

A facial massage focused on the face is performed using creams, essential oils, or masks to help smooth the process. Its main goals are deep moisturization and relaxation.

5. Reflexology

If you think about it, your feet experience a lot of stress throughout the day. Reflexology is applied to this area and to the hands, using pressure on certain points that, in addition to relaxing the limb being massaged, also activate the corresponding organs in the rest of the body, according to Chinese medicine.

This is highly indicated for those who want to restore their energy levels but also do not feel comfortable with the rest of their body being touched. Through certain points, it is possible to access the nervous system, stimulate endorphins, and reduce states of stress, chronic fatigue, muscle tension, and pain in general.

6. Hot Stones

Another and highly coveted massage , hot stones, along with the essential oils used, help to relax muscle tension. It also brings the nervous system into balance, forgiving fatigue and stress.

A big difference from other approaches is that in this technique, the therapist uses preheated stones rather than hands. Along with the feeling of relaxation, the body still experiences relief from various pains and a significant improvement in blood flow.

7. Abhyanga

Abhyanga is a type of massage that utilizes large amounts of body oils. These oils warm, nourish the tissues, and help eliminate toxins from the body. The choice of products is based on each patient’s dosha, which is a characteristic of the individual biological profile.

In addition, the stretching movements are used specifically to eliminate toxins. This massage also improves tissue oxygenation, improving overall health and preventing disease. Since it is in contact with the lymphatic, nervous, and circulatory systems, it also acts on the digestive system. 

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