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Affiliate programs operating on the CPA model only reward the affiliate for the completion of a specific action by the customer, as defined by the advertiser. Today, CPA affiliate programs have a broad reach in internet marketing. This could include payment for the purchase of goods or the ordering of services, registration on the advertiser’s website, completion of a feedback form, or participation in a survey, installation of an application, or online registration for an event.

Such a working model aids advertisers in optimising their expenses because payment occurs only when a user performs a specific valuable action. Advertisers provide partners with unique links, which the affiliate publishes on their platforms. When a customer clicks on this link and completes an action, the advertiser can identify which affiliate referred to this customer and subsequently pays them a predetermined amount of commission.

Working on the CPA model is advantageous not only for advertisers but also for every affiliate, as CPA affiliate programs offer several benefits:

  • A referral program with a personalised approach.
  • A wide selection of offers.
  • Provision of a comprehensive set of features for campaign launches.
  • Choice of payout options and payment systems.

The Essence of Affiliate CPA Marketing

Cooperation with CPA affiliate programs can be effective if you adhere to the basics. Firstly, the advertiser must determine the target action for partners, which is most valuable to them. For example, if you are involved in the production of dietary supplements and want to increase sales, then select the purchase of the product on the website as the target action. Now, affiliates will focus on attracting target customers, and you will pay commissions only in the case of a product purchase. Remember to provide unique links to your partners. Secondly, determine an acceptable commission amount for the referred customer. Always engage in analysis and monitoring of the results of cooperation with the partner, paying attention to their responsibility.

Besides payment for action in affiliate marketing, there are other models:

  • CPO – cost per order. This model is suitable for online stores. The affiliate receives compensation only if the customer confirms their order after a call to the call centre or by submitting the order form. Often, the advertiser specifies the commission as a percentage of the transaction amount, which can vary depending on the offer and the complexity of customer acquisition.
  • CPL – cost per lead. This model is also called “payment for registration” because the customer must fill out the order form with their personal information. Only in this case does the affiliate receive compensation. Beginning arbitrageurs also receive payment from the advertiser for depositing players, who are much easier to attract.
  • CPI – cost per install. This model is used in mobile arbitrage. It counts only the installation of the application, not the download of the installation file. In some affiliate networks, a lead is counted only after the user uses the application. Advertisers can calculate the affiliate’s commission using the following formula: CPI = advertising budget / number of installations.
  • CPS – cost per sale. The advertiser pays for purchases on the website made by users attracted by the affiliate. The payment model works in such a way that the partner receives compensation only after the transaction is confirmed. The reward can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the sale.

Analysing CPA marketing, it can be concluded that it has more advantages than potential problems. Among the advantages are economic profitability due to the payment for action model, obtaining traffic from various sources with minimal effort, increasing brand recognition, and attracting new customers. However, there are also disadvantages, such as fairly strict requirements for offers from CPA networks and the risk of dealing with unscrupulous affiliates.

Choosing Profitable CPA Offers

The affiliate’s routine involves searching for high-converting offers. This is no easy task, and it does not always yield the desired results. To find the best CPA offers, one must exercise discretion and not fall for dubious enticing conditions from CPA networks. If affiliate marketing is new to you, then select one traffic source, study it carefully, and then try offers from one vertical on it. This will make it easier to gradually delve into the subject. For those with experience, the algorithm for selecting the best offer is somewhat different. Pay attention to:

  1. Payment model, not just its size. Choosing offers solely based on commission size is not entirely correct. Often, such payments come with offers that are complex to work with. For instance, an offer where the user must register versus an offer where the user needs to make an immediate product purchase. Despite the higher reward for product acquisition, convincing a customer to buy is always more challenging than simply collecting their data during registration.
  1. Offer restrictions are crucial for affiliates. Restrictions can apply to geography, traffic source, or creatives. If you do not consider these restrictions when launching a campaign, your chances of making money are close to zero. It is best for newcomers to choose offers with fewer restrictions to have broader work possibilities.
  1. Statistics, specifically, look at EPC (Earnings Per Click) and CR (Conversion Rate). EPC should be high, while numerical conversion might be lower.
  1. Minimum withdrawal amount. Although this is not specifically about the offer, if you compare two identical offers in different affiliate networks, it is advisable to choose the one with a lower withdrawal threshold.
  1. Communication with the manager is an equally important aspect when searching for a profitable offer. By sharing your work experience with the manager, you can receive advice regarding a new offer. This is a great opportunity to get exclusive insights from professionals.

The search for profitable CPA offers depends directly on the vertical in which you work or want to work. Choose the niche that interests you the most, study the competition to get an idea of the offers available. After registering in CPA affiliate programs, use a special filter to select offers based on your desired criteria. For example, the minimum withdrawal amount or payment type. The search for CPA offers requires patience, thorough analysis, and experimentation.

Developing Effective Traffic Generation Methods

The methods of attracting targeted traffic to affiliate CPA offers can vary – organic traffic, social networks, contextual, native, teaser, and targeted advertising, collaboration with opinion leaders. Depending on the type of offer and your niche, one or several methods can be used. Clearly, the results will differ accordingly.

Organic traffic are visitors who come to the website from search engine results, not from advertisements. affiliates do not need to pay for clicks to their site. However, it is important to create a landing page or website that contains all the necessary information for the user and attracts them. But results may be seen over time, not immediately, as with launching paid advertising.

Marketing on social networks is a straightforward way to reach the desired audience. Over half of the world’s population uses social networks, so it is essential to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to showcase offers and earn. Among the advantages of social media marketing are increased traffic and brand recognition, simple content promotion, the opportunity to research the market and interact with potential audiences.

Targeted advertising is another opportunity to place advertising. The affiliate manually enters user parameters for whom their advertising will be shown. Through targeting, it is possible to reach the target audience with maximum accuracy. User activity on different platforms, in different locations, and based on specific interests is continually monitored by the system. Therefore, when targeting is launched, your advertising is seen by the necessary group of users.

Teaser advertising aims to attract users with an image and pique their interest to click on it. Often, a link to a landing page is embedded in the banner, which has no relation to the banner’s appearance. The advantages of this promotional method include low cost and quick launch, the ability to reach a large portion of the audience, and high click-through rates.

Contextual marketing involves displaying your ads on relevant website pages or depending on customer queries. This way, you can promote CPA network commodities among the target audience. The effectiveness of this promotion model lies in the ability to set up retargeting – if a customer visits the site once, views products but does not make a purchase, you can show them an ad with a relevant product and remind them of their incomplete action.

To maximise the quality of traffic for higher conversions, it is advisable to adhere to these 5 main tactics:

  1. Meet user expectations.
  2. do not limit yourself to one promotional channel.
  3. Choose target platforms for ad placement.
  4. Present the same theme in different ways.
  5. Collect low-frequency queries.

Conversion Rate Optimization for CPA Success

To maximise the number of website or page visitors who become potential clients, i.e., perform the desired action, it is necessary to optimise the conversion rate proficiently. The conversion rate itself depends on the content of the website. For instance, an electronics store’s conversion rate should match the number of sales. If it is an application website, then it should match the number of downloads or registrations. There are numerous different methods to enhance the conversion rate. I will provide an example of the three most popular ones.

  1. Placement of Information on the Top Part of the Website: Users require just 3 seconds to make a decision. Therefore, it is essential to position crucial information at the top part of the website. Utilise clear phrasing that highlights the advantages of your offering.
  1. Scarcity of Offers has a Psychological Impact: It influences people and urges them to make decisions more promptly. It is most effective to add a sense of urgency to your call to action.
  1. The Winner Effect Helps Gain Trust: Statistically, users trust authorities. Therefore, they are more likely to provide their information in a feedback form.

The design of the landing page also plays an equally significant role. Clarity is the primary component of modern design – conveying the right amount of information in a straightforward manner. If you can simplify and emphasise the essentials, you can attract your audience and communicate your intent. The same applies to clarity and simplicity in copywriting. The text on the landing page should not merely describe the product but stimulate the user to take the desired action. Every page should have a call to action; otherwise, all previous efforts to attract the audience will be in vain. Remember: people do not read online. They scan text with their eyes, focusing on specific points that catch their attention.

In the online realm, static positions are untenable. Continuous analysis and A/B testing of marketing campaigns are essential to gauge effectiveness. A/B testing is a marketing tool that allows you to compare the efficiency of different pages. Before commencing split testing, define the parameter you will be comparing. This tool is well-acquainted with the behavioural traits of the audience and can guide you towards optimization opportunities.

Analysing Indicators and Scaling Profitable Campaigns

In traffic arbitration, the key indicators of effectiveness are known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These are a set of data that provide an understanding of the performance of an advertising campaign. The requirements for KPIs can be set by the partner network or the advertiser, and their list depends on the type of advertising. It is important to monitor these indicators in order to optimise the campaign at the right time and increase its profitability. Here are the 10 most important KPIs:

  • ROAS — Profit from Advertising Campaign
  • CPA — Cost Per Action
  • CAC — Customer Acquisition Cost
  • CR — Conversion Rate
  • CPC — Cost Per Click
  • Time to Payback CAC — Time to Recover Advertising Campaign Costs
  • ARPU — Average Revenue Per User
  • CPL — Cost Per Lead
  • Churn Rate — User Churn and Engagement Rate
  • Ad Impression Frequency

Partner marketing is an excellent way to increase brand recognition and boost sales. Stick to the following strategies to develop your advertising campaigns:

  1. Collaborate with the right partners.
  2. Optimise your platforms.
  3. Work with multiple partner networks.
  4. Leverage influencer marketing.
  5. Offer discounts to users.


To achieve profitable cooperation with CPA affiliate networks, it is possible through constant audience analysis and tailoring of offers to their interests, collaborating with the right partners, utilising various channels for promotion, and conducting campaign testing with marketing tools. Remember that offers and geographies are unique, and the ability to select the correct combination will enable you to earn decent commissions. 

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